Saturday, March 7, 2009

Here comes the fuzz...

Welcome to the online home of The Science Police, a loose confederation of empirical vigilantes.

The Science Police serves the larger scientific community by:
  • Reducing complexity to a series of Law And Order-style guilty / not guilty decisions
  • Raining down raw and unfiltered (and probably ineffectual) Justice
  • Including animal pictures

The Science Police collect and disseminate dispatches of the following types:
  • Neighborhood watch: observations of bad scientific practice in the wild, day-to-day behind-the-scenes type behavior that doesn't pass the smell test
  • You can't say that: where bad science and bad peer review meet and explode. as so often happens, The Science Police are forced to clean up the mess
  • Who just f***ed up?: why did this bad thing happen, and who the hell is supposed to fix it? you decide.
  • Evil or ignorant?: when we know who f***ed up, we ask whether to hate the player or the game -- this is The Science Police guilty / not guilty verdict, modeled on the classic social psychology person vs. situation frame
  • Revolution!: dispatches involving frontier justice, delusions of grandeur, talking out of turn, etc
  • Self-evidently awesome: things that The Science Police enjoy when off duty, probably involving animal pictures

Keep a sharp eye.

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